About Us

Chloe's Story

It all started in Provence, France, in the late 1960's when our parents Jeanne and Joseph Pisan opened a patisserie in the Gulf of St-Tropez. Our family have been artisan bakers for more than a century. It was our parents' mission to craft their offerings based on recipes handed down to them from their ancestors, hence perpetuating the tradition of Provencal patisserie from generation to generation. We insist on keeping with our heritage by using many of the original recipes passed down to us.

 Overwrought with requests to deliver fresh pastries our parents purchased a delivery "truckette", which they deemed Chloé (following the whimsical French tradition of naming the family car). When we moved to Wine Country, we decided to take a piece of family history with us. We shipped Chloé over from France and restored her as a reminder of the traditions that our parents began.